Monday, September 22, 2008

I have Diabetes

In my mind, I've been diabetic for four days now. Four days of meds, four days of pricking my finger and testing my blood. In reality, my body may have been dealing with diabetes and high blood sugar for close to three years. This diagnosis is going to change a lot for me. I'll be moving more, eating better and changing some recipes from my traditional collection in order to make them more friendly to my body. This blog is an attempt to catalog the trials and errors of coverting some of my most cherished and delicious recipes to lower-fat and lower-sugar versions. It's my hope that writing The Sugar will not only help me personally, but will also provide a resource for others out there who have a sweet tooth and Diabetes.


donal.h said...

You know I will still eat whatever you cook (well, so long as it doesn't involve peanut butter or bananas, but that isn't a change).

Taylor said...

Fantastic idea for a blog, even if it's born out of necessity. No matter how much I've read about diabetes, I still do not understand the disease. I'd love to hear more about your experience with it (maybe it'll help me understand)...and, of course, your always lovely recipes. XO, T.